Food Intolerance Distance Package

Maggie Yu MD, Frankie Niwot, NutritionistOne on one support and guidance for understanding the hidden cause of your health disharmony. The support and answers you have been waiting for offered by a functional nutritionist.

Food Intolerance testing can be notoriously unreliable depending on where and with whom you get the test from. Do you have unexplained gut issues that seem like a moving target? Do certain foods, at certain times provoke a reaction but then seem totally fine days later? Have you ever wanted a “food map” that is specific and unique to you? Are you tired of the broad brush strokes of nutritional guidelines and diets? Have you always wondered what your food intolerances are but are unclear on quality and interpretation of an IGG test? Did you know many ways of testing food intolerance such as with muscle testing is incredibly unreliable and practitioner dependent?

Get the real answers from a real MD and a real functional nutritionist from the comfort of your own home.

The Food Intolerance Package provides the top of the line testing and industry standard for food intolerance with 96 foods being tested. Not only is it accurate, but we have years of experience with food intolerance testing to know what some pitfalls for misinterpretation can be and there are many. The test we offer also checks for a common underlying gut infection called Candida, which is an overgrowth of yeast in the microbiome. The IgG food intolerance measures the specific antibodies in the blood called IGG or the slow growing immune response. These reactions may manifest as neurological, gastrointestinal and movement disorders in your health journey. Signs and symptoms are different for each person and can show up 3 hours to 3 days after ingestion. Without food Intolerance testing it is impossible to know what culprits could be hiding in your diet.

Many people go on long and difficult elimination diets to figure out their food intolerances. This process is difficult and can give you faulty data. You can spend over a year without any real data generated. Because we know that it is difficult to find quality practitioners that administer quality tests to interpret these unique results, we have created a distance package complete with the following:

A Quality 96 Foods IgG Panel with Candida Testing

An intolerance test you can do from the comfort of your own home. A test kit will be mailed directly to you with instructions on how to obtain blood spot samples. You send it back and in 5-6 weeks your full panel of results are ready to be interpreted with our functional nutritionist working with Maggie Yu, M.D. to ensure accurate results interpretation with you on your web visits.

Session #1 : Initial Review

In this session, you will receive your unique “food map.” The functional nutritionist will go through a quick snapshot of the top 3 symptoms you are currently struggling with to get a baseline. Then the results of your Food Intolerance test will be thoroughly interpreted and you will discuss an action plan for removing the foods that are at the root cause of your health concerns. It is never the goal to make a diet feel limited or overly controlled. Removal is the first step to calming the warzone in your gut and clearing the inflammation so that your diet and relationship to food can become an enjoyable experience.


Session #2 : Diet Implementation (within 2 weeks of Initial Review)

Session 2 is designed to look at all of the foods that came back without reaction on your Food Intolerance test. Side by side with the Functional Nutritionist, you will begin to design a personalized diet that is diverse and nutrient dense. You will rest assured that you are getting adequate intake of all of your macronutrients and solid foundation for your health journey forward. You will be able to assess your struggles with the food removals and chart a path forward that feels nourishing and complete.

Session #3 : Diet Follow up (4-6 weeks after Initial Review)

Session 3 is designed to explore the benefits of removal and diet implementation. You will have the chance to ask any questions or concerns on the new “food map” that will help in your ongoing success. If Candida was discovered at the Initial Review, this will also be a chance to discuss next steps.


Recent Testimonials ...

"Hi Maggie & Frankie!
Just wanted to let you know that I woke up feeling so much better physically and emotionally this morning than I have in a very long time! Yay! Yesterday was egg, dairy and gluten free; NO stomach/gut distress this morning! Also woke up feeling like I (we) have a plan/direction/"road map" to work with, which is eliminating the "If I eat this, am I going to feel HORRIBLE?" conversation with myself, hence, lots less stress! I am actually hungry and looking forward to eating! Just have to change my go-to foods and figure out what that looks like. I'll keep you posted and will undoubtably have more questions to come.
Thanks so much!"

Test & Consultation Package Price: $859.00

Once you’ve acquired the package, full introduction and instructions will be emailed to you shortly.